Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marlowe-as-Shakespeare Breakout: Barber Book Deal

Congratulations to Dr. Ros Barber and her book deal with Sceptre.

I have valued Ros's major contributions to this blog over the past few years. She is also a fellow co-founder of The International Marlowe-Shakespeare Society, a group a few of us formed in 2009 in order to promote the theory that Christopher Marlowe may have authored many of the works attributed to Shakespeare.

Ros is the first person in the world to complete a PhD in Marlovian authorship theory. Her PhD was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK). She has published articles challenging the orthodox biography of Marlowe in academic books and journals, including the peer-reviewed Routledge journal Rethinking History. Her essay "Was Marlowe a Violent Man?," which was presented at the Marlowe Society of America conference in 2008, is featured in Christopher Marlowe the Craftsman (Ashgate 2010). A published poet, her latest poetry collection, Material (Anvil 2008), was a Poetry Book Society Recommendation and was funded by Arts Council England. Emmerich Anonymous Sam Riley Marlowe

Super news, Ros!

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John, Trieste said...

Cool! Excellent video you post of her. Nice to see Marlowe making significant progress.

Trudee said...

The novel sounds most intriguing. Fiction, yet can prove who wrote Shakespeare???

Nokodimis said...

Ms. Barber would be a formidable opponent of the Oxfordians!

daver852 said...

Can't wait to read this! Please let us know when it's available.

Good friend, for Jesu's sake see clear,
To buy the book that's mentioned here,
Blest be he who has a try,
And cursed be he too cheap to buy.

DresdenDoll said...


Claire Hayward said...

Trudee, I know Ros would never claim that the novel can "prove who wrote Shakespeare". But of course her publishers are keen to stir up controversy and make the most of their acquisition!