Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Who Wrote Shakespeare? The Christopher Marlowe Theory

Worth repeating: Click here (or above) for Mike Rubbo's 8-minute YouTube clip on the Marlowe-as-Shakespeare theory.

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The clip consists of excerpts from Rubbo's 2002 PBS/Frontline documentary, Much Ado About Something, as well as some recent commentary by the filmmaker. Some great snippets with Shakespearean scholar Jonathan Bate, Stanley Wells (chair of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust), actor Mark Rylance (former artistic director of Shakespeare's Globe), and Marlovians Peter Farey and the late Dolly Wraight.

Click here for our exclusive Q & A with Mike Rubbo.

"Much Ado About Something is a film of ideas - well, notions, anyway - that are bound to stimulate discussion, an aspect long missing from documentary [. . .] Mr. Rubbo is an old-fashioned rabble-rouser, and he knows a good story when he finds it. And he's got one in this case, with its adherents to a cause and their whipsaw articulation of thoughts." Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

" . . . has enough wit, energy and geniality to please not only the fanatical adherents on either side, but also people who know nothing about the subject and think they're not interested." Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

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Cassidy said...

congratulations on this website.

Mike Rubbo said...

We've often talked about an update to the film, and indeed recently I've met with some of the main members of our interest group and filmed some of them, material which awaits editing.

In the meantime, if you want a NTSC copy, that is the US/Canadian version of Much Ado, go to PBS or Amazon. And if you want a PAL version, drop me a note at rubbo@aapt.net.au. I've still got a few left.

If you are new to the Marlowe theory, hearken to the words of one of the informants in my film, Peter Farey. "Its a great story" Peter says.

Indeed it is and it might just be true.

RBDboston said...

it is a great and fun film.

Christine said...

have sent clip around to many people in last few months, big fan!

The Other Great One said...

It is a fantastic film! Everyone should watch it.

Dave Herber said...

Would love to see an update to this, in light of the discussions that have spawned since it was first released. This is a first class piece of documentary making that I would urge everyone to buy if they can. Mike makes some real thought-provoking comments, but so much remains unanswered.

Mike, please do a follow-up and take a look at the various portraits claimed to be Shakespeare and their similarity to Marlowe.

Beyond Hoffman and Wraight there are now some more fascinating people you have to talk to.

DanHollinsworth said...

I enjoyed the film very much.

Anonymous said...

a great movie.

Meg@Nova said...

love the film!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!