Monday, June 23, 2014

Is the Corpus Christi Portrait Marlowe?

Click here to read The Marlowe Society's post on the June 23 Times (U.K.) article concerning doubts about Marlowe being the sitter of the famous Corpus Christi portrait.  Click here for Ros Barber's June 25 letter to the Times regarding this matter (via our International Marlowe-Shakespeare Society Facebook page).


daver852 said...

Sounds like "Much Ado About Nothing" to me. To quibble about the meaning of a Latin phrase that can be taken either of two ways is breadcrumb scholarship at its worst. A perfect example of how the phrase "aetatis suae" is used to mean at "the age of" by a near contemporary of Marlowe's is Anne Bradstreet's poem, "Upon a Fit of Sickness, Anno 1632, Aetatis Suae, 19." The poem makes it clear that she was 19 when she wrote the poem, not in her 19th year. All of the arguments that the Corpus Christi portrait IS Marlowe still apply. They seem pretty convincing to me.

Anonymous said...

I concur. Whilst there is no absolute 'proof' it is Marlowe - and it isn't likely there ever will be - open minded people with a tad of intelligence and a modicum of common sense would conclude that it is, probably, Kit Marlowe. The tactic of finding a possible flaw, such as in the age of the sitter in this case, is an old tactic made to make headlines with the back up of authority and vested interests. Some of us know better.