Wednesday, February 25, 2009

MSC Exclusive Video: Mike Rubbo on Marlowe-as-Shakespeare theory's "smoking gun"

We recently caught up with Emmy-winning filmmaker Mike Rubbo in Sarasota, Florida. Click here to watch our interview.

Click here to purchase Mike's critically acclaimed PBS/Frontline documentary Much Ado About Something, which explores the Marlowe-as-Shakespeare theory. Elvis Mitchell of the New York Times praises: " . . . an inviting piece of film . . . Much Ado About Something is a film of ideas - well, notions, anyway - that are bound to stimulate discussion, an aspect long missing from documentary."

Click here also for Mike Rubbo: Portrait of a Filmmaker by Violeta Braña-Lafourcade, on YouTube.

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Anonymous said...

this is all very intriguing, first time on website-I can't get myself to leave it!

Anonymous said...

I've enjoyed Mike's films over the years, especially Waiting for Fidel.