Sunday, February 1, 2009

Marlowe’s escape, Deptford to Dover; Nicholas Faunt, Marlowe in Italy: Mike Rubbo's John Baker interviews, circa 2000

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John Baker on Marlowe’s escape after his alleged death on May 30, 1593; Marlowe sails out of Deptford and arrives in Dover, where he probably meets intelligence operative Nicholas Faunt, who helps Marlowe escape to mainland Europe. Baker speculates that Marlowe eventually ends up in Italy.

Regarding Baker’s reference to Anthony Bacon: Anthony, erstwhile intelligence operative of Lord Burghley and Francis Walsingham and elder brother of Francis Bacon, was, by 1593, chief agent for the Earl of Essex.

Video outtake from Mike Rubbo's film Much Ado About Something. Courtesy of Mike Rubbo.

Click here for Peter Farey's response to Baker.


Anonymous said...

i really enjoy the website

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

as a newbie to the whole theory, I must say how cool this all is.

Anonymous said...

As an old hat to many different theories (and boy do i want to believe that it wasn't stodgy old shakesbirds) i have to ask:

how do your theories settle with Marlowe scholars who just believe that he wrote his plays and not those of shakespeare as well?

They have no industry to protect. No axe to grind, no bias to tilt their views on who marley marlin marlowe was.

i found this link which seems to show some clarity of thinking rather than wishful thinking.

let's hope one day you find the smoking dagger. you reckon?

CARLO D. said...

Dear William S -

Great comment, and thanks for reading the blog.

Re: Marlovian scholars; it doesn't bother me . . .myth shattering is touchy stuff. See my post with British poet Ros Barber, who addresses this issue.

Hoping for the smoking gun . . .