Monday, October 13, 2008

Redux: Evidence points to Marlowe! Excellent 2002 piece on Marlowe theory and Mike Rubbo's Much Ado About Something documentary

Click here to read "Mystery Man" by Gavin McNett.

Originally posted here on 6/26/08. Apropos given the recent release of Much Ado About Something in the U.S. on DVD. You can purchase the critically acclaimed PBS/Frontline film by clicking here.

"Mr. Rubbo is an old-fashioned rabble-rouser, and he knows a good story when he finds it. And he's got one in this case, with its adherents to a cause and their whipsaw articulation of thoughts." Elvis Mitchell, New York Times

" . . . has enough wit, energy and geniality to please not only the fanatical adherents on either side, but also people who know nothing about the subject and think they're not interested." Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle

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Anonymous said...

a very funny and informative movie. yep. evidence points to marlowe.

Anonymous said...

great flick.

Anonymous said...

yabba dabba do.

Anonymous said...

the salon piece is one of the best reviews of the film and explanations of the marlowe mystery that I have read on the net.