Monday, September 22, 2008

Redux: archive q & a's with Samuel Blumenfeld, author of The Marlowe-Shakespeare Connection

Blumenfeld on the making of his latest book

Blumenfeld on Marlowe clues in Shakespeare plays and Marlowe the prodigy

Blumenfeld on Oxford/de Vere Theory

Blumenfeld on Marlowe's genius

Blumenfeld on intensity of Marlowe's plays

Blumenfeld on Marlowe's faked death and Shakespeare as frontman

Blumenfeld on Marlowe's exile clues in Shakespeare

Blumenfeld on his seven-year quest and Marlowe's best-kept secret

Blumenfeld on a Marlowe enemy


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the summary! I loved Blumenfeld's book.

Anonymous said...

eye opening!!!!

Anonymous said...

when you weigh the evidence, the case for shakespeare writing the stuff is extremely weak. it's actually laughable.

Anonymous said...

very informative, i've enjoyed sam's material on education over the years

Christine said...

simple to follow, makes understanding the conspiracy much easier