Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Telegraph Review of The Marlowe Papers

" 'Some knowledge lifts and some intoxicates'. The Marlowe Papers does both and with considerable aplomb."

For the full review by Adam O'Riordan, click here.

You can order The Marlowe Papers on

For U.S. readers, a Kindle edition is available at (U.S. hard copy release is January 2013; U.S. customers can, of course, order the hard copy from - the price after currency conversion, s + h included, is around $29).RosBarber


DresdenDoll said...

The great reviews keep rolling in!

CrestoftheKnave said...

Do you sense that the Oxfordian theory has gone the way of the Anonymous flop?

MeredithR68 said...

I thoroughly enjoyed The Marlowe Papers.

Skylark55 said...

Barber makes a plausible case for Marlowe writing Shakespeare (and it brought me to this cool blog!).

Regardless, this is an exceptional novel! Read it if you love great literature.

Christine said...

Kindled and read! Intoxicating!

Beckford said...

I LOVED the book!